growth and learning and becoming should always be allowed

This week as I was driving into work to make it to my seven A.M. shift, I was listening to a radio station that everyday mentions three things “you need to know before going into work” that day. One of the three “necessary” topics I apparently needed to be aware of that day was that Kim Kardashian announced that she was going to pursue a career in law and that she would soon begin an apprenticeship before taking the bar in hopes of becoming a practicing lawyer in the future.

Personally, I do not usually keep up with the personal lives of any celebrity however, I am not against those who do, so by me writing this  article I am not condoning nor am I against those who obsess over the lives of celebrities. I am also not writing in defense of Kim Kardashian however, after hearing an uproar of backlash against her pursuing this dream, I felt inspired to address the negative reactions and the affects of those negative  reactions.

I understand that a third of the world loves Kim K, a third of the world loves to hate Kim K, and a third of the world couldn’t care less. However, if you put who she is and how you personally feel about her aside, don’t you feel some sort of admiration toward her that she is 1) pursuing her dream 2) not letting her image and how she’s perceived stop her of that pursuit 3) sending a message to girls and women, young and old, that it is never too late to work toward what you want and to not allow others to put you down and stop you from getting where you want to get.

For me personally, I was annoyed and a bit frustrated by all of the people commenting: “what a joke,” or “she’s a joke,” or “who would hire her?” or “she’ll never make it.” These comments send the message that we as humans are limited to being just one thing, and that once we’ve shown the world that we are this one thing, that we can’t break free of that and become more.

I believe that we should always be in pursuit of growth, that we should be continually learning and challenging ourselves, and evolving. We are multifaceted. We are not limited to being just one thing. We are not singular, we contain multitudes. So to say that someone who does hair for a living cannot go back to school to become a nurse and then a doctor is wrong. To say someone who is hilarious cannot also be serious and sensitive is false. Because we are all more. Inside each of us is more and the ability to continually become more.

So why is it so awful that Kim K is pursuing this dream to follow in her fathers footsteps and practice law? Why is it a joke that a reality TV star wants to do meaningful work that has the capacity to help others? Why is she deemed stupid for even trying? Why do we see this dream as too big? Why do we limit people to who and what we perceive them to be based on what they show the world?

Am I saying she can do it? No. Am I saying she shouldn’t? No. Am I doubting her? No, because I don’t know her and neither do the millions of people who feel like they do just because they follow her on Instagram. Do I think she should try and pursue this dream? Yes, because why not? We should all be pushed to pursue our dreams and ignore those who feel that these dreams are too big.

When are we going to reach the point where we understand that people are multifaceted beings and  that people are more than what they show themselves to be on social media?

Why force her to be confined to this one bubble? Why force her to stay within the realms of beauty and reality TV and internet breaking ass pics? If she wants to be more than that, LET HER. Let the woman be who she wants to be and stop putting her down for having goals and going after them. Do I believe she can do it? Yes, because she spoke it into the world and now she has millions of people saying she can’t do it so damn right, I believe she’ll prove them wrong for herself, her daughters and son, and for kids and adults all over the world. She is going to prove herself while sending a message: Don’t let the naysayers get you down, and don’t let other peoples doubts or perspectives of you stop you from pursuing whatever it is you want. Live your life, become who you want to become, and continue toward the path of growth.

This is less a defense of Kim K, and more a defense on allowing people to expand themselves and seek continual growth without the limiting backlash/criticism from others deeming something impossible or worse, setting you up for failure because you’re dream is too big. If anything, the negative words you wish against someone deeming whatever they’re after is impossible, gives that person even more motivation to see it through to prove you wrong and to prove that if you put your mind to something you can accomplish much.
The point is that we start taking people seriously when they share a dream, no matter how impossible it may seem. The point is to start seeing people for what they are which is multifaceted beings capable of wearing multiple hats and being interested in multiple things and containing multiple dreams. Stop limiting people to who you think they should be or who you think they are based on what they tweet. Stop seeing a person and what they post on social media, and thinking you know who they are based on their feed. Stop feeding into a culture that is ambivalent towards dreams. Stop putting people in boxes.

We don’t see Kim K as a multifaceted human being, we see her as a woman who climbed her way to the top in an unorthodox way and now we expect her to stay in her “lane” which lies in the realms of beauty and reality TV and showing off her ass. Let her use her voice for good. Let her set an example for little girls and boys everywhere that no matter what people think or say about you, you can become exactly who you are. Let her set an example for women and men who are in their 30’s and 40’s and older, that it is never too late to pursue a dream. If anything, it is ironic that people are always talking about how worthless she is and how little she contributes to society, but here she is desiring to make a difference and she is receiving negativity and backlash.

The reality is, we should all be striving for growth continually and therefore we should put any negative thoughts aside in regard to Kim K pursuing a career in law and really anyone else who we feel is dreaming too big or not staying in their lane. Lets encourage those who take steps towards learning and growth and fulfilling their dreams.

Let her be woman, let her be human; which is to strive toward a goal, which is to be continually becoming and evolving. Let us live in a world where we encourage people to be who they want to be and not limit them to who we think they should be.

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