Travel: an investment in yourself 


Have you noticed that more and more people are investing their money in experiences rather than material things? It used to be that people valued having luxurious things such as expensive cars and big houses, and that they felt successful through the ownership of these things. But there has been a shift in what we value and in what we see as success. Everyone values different things and for everyone, success means something different to them. But what I’ve noticed is that more and more people are investing their money in experiences but more specifically, travel. We are not saving up for that Audi, but rather, we are saving for that trip to Bali or Ireland or any of the wondrous places outside our home. We have evolved into valuing experiencing new places, with new people, and new food. We enjoy pushing ourselves out of the comfort of our own city, to experience life outside the ones we live everyday. We see more and more students choosing to travel abroad, more and more couples making the decision to cut back on the wedding in order to have an even better honey moon, and more and more people setting goals to see the world. I’ve had an ongoing resolution for a few years now that is to go one place I’ve never been every year. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy or out of budget, it can be just visiting another state or even a city close by that you’ve never been to, but the point is to get yourself out and to experience different things. I listen to many podcasts, and often the question of success comes up. And what I’ve observed is that for so many people, success means that they get to travel. That they are financially in a place where they can buy a ticket and go.

It’s no surprise that there is such a value in travel now more than ever. Social media has made it possible for us to search any location, and dream and drool over the different sights and foods each place has to offer. Of course after seeing someones post about their over water bungalow in the Maldives, you’re going to walk away with wanderlust. As much as I love shopping, I would trade a shopping spree for a chance to go someplace else because there is so much more to gain.

Through travel, you get to immerse yourself in a world unlike your own. It’s a learning experience and vacation all in one. You get to meet new people, experience new cultures, new foods, and try new things. Travel is the best way to learn and the best way to understand. All the yummy meals and insta-worthy photos aside, you get to see how different and similar you are to the people who live where you’re visiting. More than anything travel allows you to grow, because after immersing yourself in whatever location your vacationing to, you gain understanding which is the root of empathy.

Travel will change your life and the only way you’ll figure that out, is by saving up, buying a ticket, and going. Go anywhere and everywhere. Create a colorful life for yourself by going elsewhere.

I intend on making a quilt of my life, which each square serving as a different experience, and at the end, I want to see a big, beautiful blanket that holds all of my life’s memories and growth.

Traveling is the most fun thing you can do with your money. Travelling will take you places both physically, and spiritually. Travelling opens you up to new connections and allows you to learn and to grow. There’s no better investment than seeing the world. Experiences change you in ways a Mercedes Benz will not. Salsa dancing with that stranger in Colombia, or trying escargot for the first time in France, or buying that pashmina in India, or ziplining through the Amazon in Brazil, these are all significant investments in yourself. These will change your perspective and allow you to see life and the world differently. These will make you grow.







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