surround yourself with growing things


To live is to know life around you. What are you surrounded by? The trees thick with green, shading your eyes from the suns intense kiss? Or is it the squawking of seagulls by the shore as each wave rushes in and out to greet your toes? Or are you enclosed in a man-made entity of brick and cement, where your only glimpse of nature are the succulents sitting on your windowsill?

What are you surrounded by, and is it helping you grow? Is what you see inspiring the life in you? Is it awakening your soul to possibility and beauty in each breath that you take?

Oh dear, then I’m afraid you must move. Change your scenery.
For if the life around you is not moving, what will inspire movement in you?
If you’re not surrounded by growing things, how will you yourself grow?

To live is to know life around you. And the life around you must be beautiful, wild in ways, and full of momentum.

Surround yourself with growing things and better yet, growing people.
What you surround yourself with, will inspire your own thoughts, and actions.

Fill your space with flowers and plants. Water them, and watch them grow.
Reflect on what self-care will do to your own growth and inspire those around you with your flourishing.

You’ve heard it said before that “you’re a product of your environment”, so make sure it’s encouraging you in the best way possible. The people you choose to walk alongside you in your life will either push you forward, keep you stagnant, and pull you down; choose wisely. The space the create for yourself must be tidy, light, and reflective of who you are. Create a dream board, open your curtains, have flowers always, and make sure you have means of expression and learning: books, journals, an instrument, art supplies, whatever it is that will stimulate you into movement, and appreciation of life and the beauty it holds. Stir your soul with good, growing things, and see how colorful a life you’ll live. Keep on the path of learning and you will bloom all your days.


Fill your space with inspiration, fill your life with all things growing.

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